This blog explores unschooling with a critical feminist eye, meaning that when I talk about learning from life and trusting my child, I also talk about gender, class, race,  geography, the environment, culture, and labor. It’s also about the unique challenges and joys of unschooling a child on the autism spectrum.

What is unschooling? I like Sue Patterson’s explanation on Unschooling Mom2Mom:

Unschooling is trusting yourself and trusting your child; and that takes a good amount of nerve. When a parent sends a child to a school or even decides to go with a particular curriculum, they are handing over their trust and their child to the school/curriculum. A “leaving it to them!” mentality sets in and for many families, this is a relief. Unschooling families don’t want to go that route.  They are willing to shoulder the responsibility for the education of their child, because they have faith that learning is something that humans naturally want to do – and their children are no exception to this rule.

One focus of the blog is life learning in our social and political contexts–going on adventures to new places and bringing hats and apples along, while cultivating an awareness of how other people experience those places. Asking every day how my family’s mobility or immobility is entangled with other people’s lives.

Another focus of this blog is my passion: books. Especially non-coercive, beautiful, and inspiring children’s books.Why books that save your life? I’ve had so many friends and family experience life-threatening depression, anxiety, and addiction. I believe that the reflection, beauty, and joy that books offer can make a difference in conjunction with non-coercive parenting.

I am primarily a stay-at-home mom but recently finished a PhD in English. Everyday I’m learning about myself and my family, seeking peace and generosity in part via critique of coercive and damaging cultural norms.

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